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ISSN (Print): 1573-4072
ISSN (Online): 1875-6646

Total Antioxidant Capacity, Reducing Power and Cyclic Voltammetry of Zilla Macroptera (Brassicaceae) Aqueous Extract

Author(s): Fatah Keffous, Nasser Belboukhari, Houria Djaradi, Abdelkrim Cheriti, Khaled Sekkoum and Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein

Volume 12 , Issue 1 , 2016

Page: [39 - 43] Pages: 5

DOI: 10.2174/1573407212666160210230707

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This paper describes a study of the content of total phenolic contents, the antioxidant capacity and the cyclic voltammetry of Zilla macroptera aqueous extract. The results demonstrate that the content of total phenolics was 89±2.46 g of Gallic acid equivalence per 1 mg of extract and the content of total flavonoids was 12.99±0.67 µg of Quercetin equivalency per 1 mg of extract. Four methods ‘‘in vitro’’ were used to evaluate the antioxidant capacity of Zilla macroptera aqueous extract. The reducing power test showed that the sample has an equivalent activity of 63.16±1.09 µg of Ascorbic acid for 1 mg of extract. The total antioxidant capacity presented an equivalent capacity of 25±0.94 µg of Ascorbic acid per 1 mg of extract. The voltammogram indicates two potentials oxidation peaks; 0.6 V and 0.92 V towards the reference electrode (Ag / AgCl).

Keywords: Antioxidant capacity, cyclic voltammetry, reducing power, total flavonoids, total phenolics, Zilla macroptera.

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