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Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering


ISSN (Print): 2405-5204
ISSN (Online): 2405-5212

Recent Patents and Research Studies on Biogas Production from Bioresources and Wastes

Author(s): Mohamed C. Ncibi and Mika Sillanpaa

Volume 7, Issue 1, 2014

Page: [2 - 9] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/2211334707666141218203743


In this review paper, recent research and developments studies dealing with the bioconversion of bioresources and biowastes into biogas will be studied and discussed. Several kinds of natural feedstocks were analysed for their aptitude to produce gaseous biofuels such as woods, grasses, algae, agricultural residues, industrial by-products and household wastes. The related research studies revealed promising production yields including 400 L of methane (CH4) per Kg of volatile solids (VS) for Willow shoots, 270 L CH4/Kg VS for macro alga Ulva lactuca and 493 L CH4/Kg VS for paper wastes. Overall, the main objective is to present the research undertakings and findings in the scientific and industrial communities on biogas production procedure, its influencing factors and upgrading into biomethane.

Keywords: Biomass, biogas, methane, upgrading, wastes.

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