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ISSN (Print): 1874-4761
ISSN (Online): 2213-1132

Galois Field Inversion/Division Using Multiple-Valued Logic

Author(s): Nabil Abu-Khader and Pepe Siy

Volume 1, Issue 3, 2008

Page: [231 - 237] Pages: 7

DOI: 10.2174/1874476110801030231

Price: $65


We present a pipelined inversion/division circuit in Galois field using AB2 circuit technique (where both A and B are elements in the finite field). We use composite Galois fields in a multiple-valued logic (MVL) approach to minimize the inversion/division circuit needed for binary Galois fields. The overall design, which connects basic cells in a systolic manner, thereby making effective use of pipelining, is shown. The fact that less literals are used speeds up the calculation operation. Also, our circuit shows a significant amount of savings in both transistor count and connections, which is so important in VLSI. In this review important patents are also discussed.

Keywords: MVL, galois field, inversion/division

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