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UCDM: A User-Centric Data Model in Power Blockchain

Author(s): ZhiXing Lv*, Hui Yu, Kai Kang, Teng Chang Li and Guo Li Du

Volume 16, Issue 7, 2023

Published on: 03 February, 2023

Article ID: e120123212673 Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/2666255816666230112165555

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Background: As innovative information technology, blockchain has combined the advantages of decentralization, immutability, data provenance, and contract operation automatically, which can be used to solve the issues of single point failure, high trading cost, low effectiveness, and data potential risk in power trading. However, in the traditional power blockchain, the design of functional components in blockchain, such as the data structure of the block, does not take the actual features of power into account, thus leading to a performance bottleneck in practical application. Motivated by business characteristics of power trading, a user-centric data model UCDM in consortium blockchain is proposed to achieve efficient data storage and quick data retrieval.

Methods: The proposed UCDM is designed by considering the requirements of transaction retrieval and analysis, thus supporting the requirements of concurrent data requests and mass data storage. The ID of each user will independently form its own chain over the blockchain.

Results: Compared with the traditional data model, the extensive experimental results demonstrate that the proposed UCDM has shorter processing delay, higher throughput, and shorter response latency, thus having practical value.

Conclusion: UCDM is an effective solution to the transaction retrieval and analysis in power blockchain. Furthermore, the participant of the blockchain network has a unique identity over the world, which ensures high security during trading.

Keywords: Consortium blockchain, UCDM, solar energy, thermal power generation, microgrid, long latency.

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