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Review Article

Trabectedin in Cancers: Mechanisms and Clinical Applications

Author(s): Jiali Wang, Pengfei Wang, Zheng Zeng, Caiji Lin, Yiru Lin, Danli Cao, Wenqing Ma, Wenwen Xu, Qian Xiang, Lingjie Luo, Wenxue Wang, Yongwei Shi, Zixiang Gao, Yufan Zhao, Huidi Liu* and Shu-Lin Liu*

Volume 28, Issue 24, 2022

Published on: 13 July, 2022

Page: [1949 - 1965] Pages: 17

DOI: 10.2174/1381612828666220526125806

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Trabectedin, a tetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloid, is the first marine antineoplastic agent approved with special anticancer mechanisms involving DNA binding, DNA repair pathways, transcription regulation and regulation of the tumor microenvironment. It has favorable clinical applications, especially for the treatment of patients with advanced soft tissue sarcoma, who failed in anthracyclines and ifosfamide therapy or could not receive these agents. Currently, trabectedin monotherapy regimen and regimens of combined therapy with other agents are both widely used for the treatment of malignancies, including soft tissue sarcomas, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and non-small-cell lung cancer. In this review, we have summarized the basic information and some updated knowledge on trabectedin, including its molecular structure, metabolism in various cancers, pharmaceutical mechanisms, clinical applications, drug combination, and adverse reactions, along with prospects of its possibly more optimal use in cancer treatment.

Keywords: Trabectedin, anticancer, tissue sarcomas, combined drug use, malignancies, antineoplastic agent, tumor microenvironment.

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