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Letter to the Editor

123I-MIBG Cardiac Scintigraphy and Heart/Mediastinum Ratio in Neurodegenerative Disorders: Is Delayed Scan Really Necessary?

Author(s): Susanna Nuvoli*, Barbara Palumbo, Andrea Marongiu, Francesco Bianconi and Angela Spanu

Volume 15, Issue 4, 2022

Published on: 01 August, 2022

Page: [257 - 258] Pages: 2

DOI: 10.2174/1874471015666220520090630

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Skowronek, C.; Zange, L.; Lipp, A. Cardiac 123I-MIBG scintigraphy in neurodegenerative parkinson syndromes: Performance and pitfalls in clinical practice. Front. Neurol., 2019, 10, 152.

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