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Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology


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Review Article

Unravelling Micro and Nano Vesicular System in Intranasal Drug Delivery for Epilepsy

Author(s): Sagar Salave, Dhwani Rana, Rupali Pardhe, Prajakta Bule and Derajram Benival*

Volume 10, Issue 3, 2022

Published on: 09 June, 2022

Page: [182 - 193] Pages: 12

DOI: 10.2174/2211738510666220426115340

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Background: Epilepsy is one of the major neurological disorders, affecting about 50 million people globally. Oral, intravenous and rectal delivery systems are available for the management of epileptic seizures. However, intranasal delivery serves as beneficial for delivering antiepileptic drugs owing to the advantages it offers.

Objective: Various approaches have been developed over the years aiming to attain either a safer or faster brain delivery; a nasal delivery system proposes significant outcomes. The noninvasiveness and high vascularity contribute to the high permeability of the nasal mucosa, allowing rapid drug absorption. This review highlights some promising novel approaches to efficiently deliver anti-epileptic drugs by employing the nasal route.

Methods: The method includes a collection of data from different search engines like PubMed, ScienceDirect and SciFinder for obtaining appropriate and relevant literature regarding epilepsy, intranasal delivery of anti-epileptic agents, and novel therapeutics.

Results: The present review underlines the majority of work related to intranasal delivery in the treatment of epilepsy, aiming to draw the attention of the researchers towards the easiest and most efficient ways of formulation for the delivery of anti-epileptics during seizures.

Conclusion: This review intends to provide an understanding of the delivery aspects of antiepileptic drugs, the benefits of intranasal delivery and the novel approaches employed for the treatment of epilepsy.

Keywords: Epilepsy, intranasal, nanomedicines, nanoparticles, drug delivery, nasal route.

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