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Clinical Observation and Genotype-Phenotype Analysis of ABCA4- Related Hereditary Retinal Degeneration before Gene Therapy

Author(s): Xuan Xiao, Lin Ye, Changzheng Chen, Hongmei Zheng* and Jiajia Yuan*

Volume 22, Issue 4, 2022

Published on: 25 March, 2022

Page: [342 - 351] Pages: 10

DOI: 10.2174/1566523222666220216101539

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Background: Hereditary retinal degeneration (HRD) is an irreversible eye disease that results in blindness in severe cases. It is most commonly caused by variants in the ABCA4 gene. HRD presents a high degree of clinical and genetic heterogeneity. We determined genotypic and phenotypic correlations, in the natural course of clinical observation, of unrelated progenitors of HRD associated with ABCA4.

Objective: To analyze the relationship between the phenotypes and genotypes of ABCA4 variants.

Methods: A retrospective clinical study of five cases from the ophthalmology department of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University from January 2019 to October 2020 was conducted. We tested for ABCA4 variants in the probands. We performed eye tests, including the best-corrected visual acuity, super-wide fundus photography and spontaneous fluorescence photography, optical coherence tomography, and electrophysiological examination.

Results: Disease-causing variants were identified in the ABCA4 genes of all patients. Among these, seven ABCA4 variants were novel. All patients were sporadic cases; only one patient had parents who were relatives, and the other four patients were offspring of unrelated parents. Two patients presented with Stargardt disease, mainly with macular lesions, two presented with retinitis pigmentosa (cone-rod type), and one presented with cone dystrophy. The visual acuity and visual field of the five patients showed varying degrees of deterioration and impairment.

Conclusion: The same ABCA4 mutation can lead to different clinical phenotypes, and there is variation in the degree of damage to vision, visual field, and electrophysiology among different clinical phenotypes. Clinicians must differentiate between and diagnose pathologies resulting from this mutation.

Keywords: ABCA4, stargardt disease, cone cell malnutrition, retinitis pigmentosa (cone type), cone-rod dystrophy, retinal degeneration.

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