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Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry


ISSN (Print): 1570-193X
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Mini-Review Article

The Neuropharmacological Potential of Piperazine Derivatives: A Mini- Review

Author(s): Saad Alghamdi, Mohammed M. Alshehri and Mohammad Asif*

Volume 19, Issue 7, 2022

Published on: 10 March, 2022

Page: [798 - 810] Pages: 13

DOI: 10.2174/1570193X19666220119120211

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Piperazine is a six-membered heterocyclic ring with two nitrogen atoms at positions one and four. This piperazine moiety can be present in a slew of well-known medicines that have pharmacophoric effects on a variety of receptors. Various piperazine analogs have core biological activities involving the activation of monoamine pathways, primarily on neurotransmitter receptors. As a result, piperazine analogs have a wide range of central clinical uses, including anxiolytic, antipsychotic, and antidepressant. Due to its stimulant and euphoric effects, benzyl-piperazine is the prototype of piperazine analogs, and this molecule is the main substance of recreational drugs. This review focuses on the activity of piperazine pharmacophore on diverse neurotransmitter receptors used therapeutically as anxiolytics (buspirone), antidepressants (vortioxetine), antipsychotics (clozapine), and other drugs.

Keywords: Piperazine, heterocyclic ring, pharmacophore, pharmacological activities, neurotransmitter receptors, derivatives.

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