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Current Molecular Medicine


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Review Article

Starring Role of Biomarkers and Anticancer Agents as a Major Driver in Precision Medicine of Cancer Therapy

Author(s): Suman Kumar Ray and Sukhes Mukherjee*

Volume 23, Issue 2, 2023

Published on: 16 February, 2022

Page: [111 - 126] Pages: 16

DOI: 10.2174/1566524022666211221152947

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Precision medicine is the most modern contemporary medicine approach today, based on great amount of data on people's health, individual characteristics, and life circumstances, and employs the most effective ways to prevent and cure diseases. Precision medicine in cancer is the most precise and viable treatment for every cancer patient based on the disease's genetic profile. Precision medicine changes the standard one size fits all medication model, which focuses on average responses to care. Consolidating modern methodologies for streamlining and checking anticancer drugs can have long-term effects on understanding the results. Precision medicine can help explicit anticancer treatments using various drugs and even in discovery, thus becoming the paradigm of future cancer medicine. Cancer biomarkers are significant in precision medicine, and findings of different biomarkers make this field more promising and challenging. Naturally, genetic instability and the collection of extra changes in malignant growth cells are ways cancer cells adapt and survive in a hostile environment, for example, one made by these treatment modalities. Precision medicine centers on recognizing the best treatment for individual patients, dependent on their malignant growth and genetic characterization. This new era of genomics progressively referred to as precision medicine, has ignited a new episode in the relationship between genomics and anticancer drug development.

Keywords: Precision medicine, cancer biomarkers, anticancer drug, genomics, malignant growth, treatment modality.

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