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ISSN (Print): 2211-5447
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Magnetic Spinel Ferrite: An Efficient, Reusable Nano Catalyst for HMFsynthesis

Author(s): Jyoti Dhariwal, Ravina Yadav, Sheetal Yadav, Anshu Kumar Sinha, Chandra Mohan Srivastava, Gyandshwar Kumar Rao, Manish Srivastava, Vivek Sharma, Monu Verma, Pooja Rawat*, Kiran Banwar and Varun Rawat*

Volume 10, Issue 3, 2021

Published on: 26 November, 2021

Page: [206 - 213] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/2211544710666211119094247

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Aim: In the present work, the preparation and catalytic activity of spinel ferrite (MFe2O4; M = Fe, Mn, Co, Cu, Ni) nanoparticles to synthesize 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) have been discussed.

Background: Ferrites possess unique physicochemical properties, including excellent magnetic characteristics, high specific surface area, active surface sites, high chemical stability, tunable shape and size, and easy functionalization. These properties make them essential heterogeneous catalysts in many organic reactions.

Objective: This study aims to synthesize a series of transition metal ferrite nanoparticles and use them in the dehydration of carbohydrates for 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) synthesis.

Method: The ferrite nanoparticles were prepared via the co-precipitation method, and PXRD confirmed their phase stability. The surface area and the crystallite size of the nanoparticles were calculated using BET and PXRD, respectively.

Result: The easily prepared heterogeneous nanocatalyst showed a significant catalytic performance, and among all spinel ferrites, CuFe2O4 revealed maximum catalytic ability.

Conclusion: Being a heterogeneous catalyst and magnetic in nature, ferrite nanoparticles were easily recovered by using an external magnet and reused up to several runs without substantial loss in catalytic activity. HMF was synthesized from fructose in a good yield of 71%.

Keywords: Catalysis, ferrite, heterogeneous, nanoparticles, spinel, 5-hydroxymethylfurfural

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