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Current Reviews in Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology


ISSN (Print): 2772-4328
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Perspective on the Role of Four Beta-blockers in Heart Failure

Author(s): Asim Ahmed Elnour Ahmed*

Volume 17, Issue 2, 2022

Published on: 28 October, 2021

Page: [85 - 89] Pages: 5

DOI: 10.2174/2772432816666211029103324


Background: The current recommendations of the American College of Cardiology/ American Heart Association and a previous Bayesian analysis clearly show a mortality benefit with the use of β- blockers in chronic HF, especially for bisoprolol, carvedilol, and sustained-release metoprolol succinate.

Objective: The main objective was to report the evidence on the use of the afore-mentioned β-blockers in subjects with heart failure and to characterize the stages of heart failure in response to the four different β-blockers. Furthermore, it shed light on the patient’s satisfaction and improved quality of life using the afore-mentioned β-blockers in subjects with heart failure.

Methods: The current perspective presented the clinical outcomes, including hospitalization, morbidity, mortality, patient’s satisfaction, and quality of life, of four beta (β)-blockers, namely bisoprolol, carvedilol, metoprolol succinate, and nebivolol in different stages of heart failure.

Results: The use of these three agents should be recommended for all stable subjects with current or previous symptoms of heart failure and heart failure with reduced ejection fraction unless there is any contraindication. The fore-mentioned β-blockers (bisoprolol, carvedilol, and metoprolol succinate) can be initiated early, even in stable and symptom-free (at rest) subjects with heart failure. β-blockers in heart failure should be commenced at small doses and then titrated upward as tolerated to achieve the desired clinical effects on heart rate and symptom control.

Conclusion: Cardiologists should weigh the benefit-risk in subjects with heart failure and other coexisting cardiovascular problems such as atrial fibrillation and diabetes.

Keywords: Bisoprolol, carvedilol, metoprolol succinate, nebivolol, heart failure, beta blocker.

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