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ISSN (Print): 1567-2018
ISSN (Online): 1875-5704


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Author(s): Monica Butnariu

Volume 18 , Issue 5 , 2021

Published on: 16 November, 2021

Page: [531 - 531] Pages: 1

DOI: 10.2174/156720181805210806155120

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Salehi, B.; Cruz-Martins, N.; Butnariu, M.; Sarac, I.; Bagiu, I.C.; Ezzat, S.M.; Wang, J.; Koay, A.; Sheridan, H.; Adetunji, C.O.; Semwal, P.; Schoebitz, M.; Martorell, M.; Sharifi-Rad, J. Hesperetin’s health potential: Moving from preclinical to clinical evidence and bioavailability issues, to upcoming strategies to overcome current limitations. Crit. Rev. Food Sci. Nutr., 2021, 1-16. Epub ahead of print
[] [PMID: 33491467]
Salehi, B.; Quispe, C.; Butnariu, M.; Sarac, I.; Marmouzi, I.; Kamle, M.; Tripathi, V.; Kumar, P.; Bouyahya, A.; Capanoglu, E.; El Jemli, M.; El Jemli Javad Sharifi-Rad, Y.; Kumar, M.; Martorell, M. Phytotherapy and food applications from Brassica genus. Phytother. Res., 2021. Epub ahead of print
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Butnariu, M.; Sarac, I.; Samfira, I. Spectrophotometric and chromatographic strategies for exploring of the nanostructure pharmaceutical formulations which contains testosterone undecanoate. Sci. Rep., 2020, 10(1), 3569.
[] [PMID: 32107451]
Sharifi-Rad, J.; Butnariu, M.; Ezzat, S.M.; Adetunji, C.O.; Imran, M.; Sobhani, S.R.; Tufail, T.; Hosseinabadi, T.; Ramírez-Alarcón, K.; Martorell, M.; Maroyi, A.; Martins, N. Mushrooms-rich preparations on wound healing: From nutritional to medicinal attributes. Front. Pharmacol., 2020, 11567518
[] [PMID: 33041809]
Ajsuvakova, O.P.; Tinkov, A.A.; Aschner, M.; Rocha, J.B.T.; Michalke, B.; Skalnaya, M.G.; Skalny, A.V.; Butnariu, M.; Dadar, M.; Sarac, I.; Aaseth, J.; Bjørklund, G. Sulfhydryl groups as targets of mercury toxicity. Coord. Chem. Rev., 2020, 417213343
[] [PMID: 32905350]
Salehi, B.; Butnariu, M.; Corneanu, M.; Sarac, I.; Vlaisavljevic, S.; Kitic, D.; Rahavian, A.; Abedi, A.; Karkan, M.F.; Bhatt, I.D.; Jantwal, A.; Sharifi-Rad, J.; Rodrigues, C.F.; Martorell, M.; Martins, N. Chronic pelvic pain syndrome: Highlighting medicinal plants toward biomolecules discovery for upcoming drugs formulation. Phytother. Res., 2020, 34(4), 769-787.
[] [PMID: 31799719]
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