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Serum Arylsulfatase and Acid Phosphatase Activity in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome as a Result of Oxidative Damage to Lysosomes

Author(s): Dorota M. Olszewska-Słonina*

Volume 28, Issue 11, 2021

Published on: 11 July, 2021

Page: [1246 - 1258] Pages: 13

DOI: 10.2174/0929866528666210712095134

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Background: Metabolic and clinical disorders forming the complex of interrelated abnormalities is known as metabolic syndrome (METs).

Objective: Our goal was to assess the dependence of serum arylsulfatase (AS) and acid phosphatase (ACP) activities on anthropometric and biochemical parameters in patients with METs.

Methods: In 142 patients with METs (IDF criteria), consisting of different components in different sequences (hypertension, diabetes, lipid disorders), and in 65 healthy participants, basic biochemical parameters were determined in laboratory tests. The activity of serum hydrolases was determined using Bessey’s (ACP) and Roy’s (AS) methods.

Results: The AS activity is correlated with waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) (more strongly in women and in most advanced METs), BMI (in men), and triglycerides (TG) (in women, participants with I degree obesity, and those with three METs components). The ACP activity correlated with the WHR of patients with II degree obesity, TG in those with III degree of obesity, and total cholesterol (TC) in those with four METs components.

Conclusion: Increased AS activity in patients with METs compared to lower AS activity in the control group may be due to decreased lysosomal function and related to the amount of adipose tissue. Low activity of ACP in the blood serum of patients with METs compared to high activity of ACP in the control group may indicate exhaustion of the lysosomal apparatus and loss of hydrolytic activity. The increase in TG and TC in groups with an increasing number of METs-defining components may be due to the abnormal lysosomal degradation of these compounds.

Keywords: Acid phosphatase, arylsulfatase, lysosomal enzymes, metabolic syndrome, visceral obesity, triglycerides.

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