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Influence of Metabolic Syndrome on Factors Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease: A Cross-sectional Study

Author(s): Camila Santos Marreiros, Thaís Rodrigues Nogueira*, Paulo Pedro do Nascimento, Diana Stefany Cardoso de Araújo, Nayara Vieira do Nascimento Monteiro, Suzana Maria Rebelo Sampaio da Paz and Betânia de Jesus e Silva de Almendra Freitas

Volume 17 , Issue 9 , 2021

Published on: 02 July, 2021

Page: [1016 - 1024] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/1573401317666210702103247


Background: Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) is defined by the presence of three or more of the following components: inadequate fasting serum glucose levels and elevated waist circumference, hypertension and dyslipidemia, which represent a potential risk for the development and/or worsening of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Objective: Based on this, this research aimed to investigate the presence of MetS and its influence on associated factors in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease undergoing hemodialysis.

Methods: This is an evaluation of a cross-sectional multicenter research project, carried out with 95 patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, seen at outpatient clinics in the state capital Piaui. Anthropometric, biochemical and hemodynamic parameters were determined. The data were analyzed using the Stata® v.12 software (Statacorp, College Station, Texas, USA), adopting a significance level of p < 0,05. The survey received ethical approval (no. 2.527.329).

Results: It was observed that individuals with elevated BMI, WC, NC, SBP, DBP were more likely to develop MetS, with significant differences (p <0.001). In addition, it was found that serum levels of glucose, insulin, HOMA-IR, TC, LDL, TG and blood pressure were higher in the group with MetS.

Conclusion: It was concluded that changes in the parameters analyzed in patients with CKD reinforce MetS as a predictive condition for worsening nutritional status and a factor for the progression of kidney disease.

Keywords: Metabolic syndrome, risk factors, anthropometry, cholesterol, glycemia, chronic kidney disease.

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