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Review Article

Synthesis and Applications of Nanoparticles: State of the Art and Future Perspective

Author(s): Smriti Shukla, Mitali Sharma, Sapna Yadav, Avinash Raghupathy, Kartikeya Shukla, Ajit Varma and Arti Mishra*

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2022

Published on: 24 February, 2021

Article ID: e070921191803 Pages: 14

DOI: 10.2174/2210681211666210224154613

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Nanoparticles are being extensively studied these days to grab more knowledge on how they can be used in various fields to increase the yield and hence be beneficial for biotic components of the ecosystem. Chemicals being used in agriculture have caused a lot of damage to the soil and water quality along with the crops, ultimately affecting human health severely. Better alternatives are thus required to achieve higher yields with a better quality of crop plants that enhance human health. A variety of nanoparticles exist in nature, while others have been manufactured accidentally or engineered purposefully. These nanoparticles can play many beneficial roles in crop plants, increasing the yield of crops and the quality of the grains. They can be applied at various stages and for different doses. The effect that they exhibit would be dependent on many factors. Different nanoparticles have diverse effects on different plants. Some nanoparticles may be beneficial to one species of crop plant and may be disadvantageous to the other ones. Therefore, an elaborative study is required for all the types of nanoparticles exhibiting their advantageous and disadvantageous impacts on different species of crop plants for the dose and stage in which they have been applied. This review explains that the different types of nanoparticles are categorized based on their manufacture and the different effects they cause in different plant species. More research knowledge works are yet to be obtained before using nanoparticles in crop plants since the way they affect human health is a serious matter of concern.

Keywords: Nanoparticles, crop yield, human health, synthesis, sol-gel, engineered nanoparticle.

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