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Review Article

Application of Quantum Dots in Drug Delivery

Author(s): Subham Jain N., Preethi Somanna* and Amit B. Patil

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2022

Published on: 11 February, 2021

Article ID: e070921191305 Pages: 16

DOI: 10.2174/2210681211666210211092823

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Background: The nanotechnology which has vast growth in the research field and the outcome product of nanotechnology is nanoparticles. Quantum dots with a size range of 2-10 nm represent a new form in nanotechnology materials. It has shown widespread attention in recent years in the field of science and its application in drug delivery. Quantum dots are semiconductor nanocrystals which possess interesting properties and characteristics, such as unique optical properties, quantum confinement effect and emit fluorescence on excitation with a light source which makes them a potential candidate for nano-probes and for carriers for biological application.

Objectives: The objective of the article is to explain the role and application of Quantum dots in drug delivery and its future application in pharmaceutical science and research. This review focuses on drug delivery through Quantum dots and Quantum dots helping nanocarriers for drug delivery. The development of QD nano-carriers for drugs has become a hotspot in the fields of nano-drug research. The Quantum DOT labelled nano-carrier can deliver the drugs with fewer side effects and it can trace the drug location in the body.

Results: The fluorescent emission of Quantum dots is better than other organic dyes which lead to better drug delivery for cancer or acting as a tag for other drug carriers.

Conclusion: Because of the emission property of Quantum dots, it can be used with other drug carriers and later it can be traced with the help of Quantum dots. Quantum dots can be used as smart drug delivery.

Keywords: Cancer, drug delivery, nanocarrier, nanotechnology, Quantum dots, sensors.

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