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Current Drug Delivery


ISSN (Print): 1567-2018
ISSN (Online): 1875-5704


Impact of Micro/nanoencapsulation on the Therapeutic Outcome of Drugs

Author(s): Maha Nasr

Volume 18 , Issue 3 , 2021

Published on: 28 January, 2021

Page: [248 - 248] Pages: 1

DOI: 10.2174/156720181803210128151425

D’Souza, A.; Shegokar, R. Nanostructured Lipid Carriers (NLCs) for drug delivery: role of liquid lipid (oil). Curr. Drug Deliv., 2021, 18(3), 249-270.
[PMID: 32324512]
Hashimi, N.; Babenko, M.; Saeed, M.; Kargar, N.l.; Elshae, N. The impact of natural and synthetic polymers in formulating micro and nanoparticles for antidiabetic drugs. Curr. Drug Deliv., 2021, 18(3), 271-288.
Mittal, N.; Garg, V.; Bhadada, S.K.; Katare, O.P. Role of novel drug delivery systems in Corona Disease-2019 (COVID-19): time to act now. Curr. Drug Deliv., 2021, 18(3), 289-296.
Feng, A.; Wang, Y.; Ding, J.; Xu, R.; Li, X. Progress of stimuli-responsive nanoscale metal organic frameworks as controlled drug delivery systems. Curr. Drug Deliv., 2020, 18(3), 297-311.
[PMID: 32940178]
Razak, M.A.I.A.; Hamid, H.A.; Othman, R.N.I.R.; Moktar, S.A.M.; Miskon, A. Improved drug delivery system for cancer treatment by D-glucose conjugation with eugenol from natural product. Curr. Drug Deliv., 2021, 18(3), 312-322.
[PMID: 32940179]
Wu, L.; Wei, Z.; He, S.; Bi, Y.; Cao, Y.; Wang, W. Mesoporous bioactive glass scaffold delivers salvianolic acid B to promote bone regeneration in a rat cranial defect model. Curr. Drug Deliv., 2021, 18(3), 323-332.
[PMID: 32938350]
Kaddouri, Y.; Abrigach, F.; Yousfi, E.B.; Hammouti, B.; Kodadi, M.E.; Alsalme, A.; Al-Zaqri, N.; Warad, I.; Touzani, R. New heterocyclic compounds: synthesis, antioxidant activity and computantional insights of nano-antioxidant as ascorbate peroxidase inhibitor by various cyclodextrins as drug delivery systems. Curr. Drug Deliv., 2021, 18(3), 334-349.
Yazici, A.; Marinelli, L.; Cacciatore, I.; Emsen, B.; Eusepi, P.; Di Biase, G.; Di Stefano, A.; Mardinoğlu, A.; Türkez, H. Potential anticancer effect of carvacrol codrugs on human glioblastoma cells. Curr. Drug Deliv., 2021, 18(3), 350-356.
[] [PMID: 33109049]
Liang, Y.; Zhang, J.; Zhao, X.; Wang, M.; Ding, S.; Wang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Liu, J. Study on the slow-release mometasone furoate injection of PLGA for the treatment of knee arthritis. Curr. Drug Deliv., 2021, 18(3), 357-368.
[] [PMID: 32940181]
Jain, A.K.; Sahu, H.; Mishra, K.; Thareja, S. Mannose conjugated starch nanoparticles for preferential targeting of liver cancer. Curr. Drug Deliv., 2021, 18(3), 369-380.
[] [PMID: 32885751]

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