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Recent Advances in Psoriasis Therapy: Trends and Future Prospects

Author(s): Atul Singh* and T.S. Easwari*

Volume 22, Issue 15, 2021

Published on: 18 January, 2021

Page: [1760 - 1771] Pages: 12

DOI: 10.2174/1389450122666210118103455

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Background: Psoriasis is a challenging skin disorder due to its chronicity, high rate of prevalence, disability, comorbidity and disfiguration. It is a multi-system disorder that includes joints and metabolic syndromes. Psoriasis is a condition of pathologic interaction among immune cells, biological signaling molecules and skin cells. Several contributing factors are responsible for the exacerbation and onset of psoriasis, i.e. genetic factors and environmental factors such as medications, infectious diseases and lifestyle.

Objectives: To study the new insights in the treatment of psoriasis and future prospects.

Methods: This review article gives an insight on the current concepts of psoriasis and deals with discussing the initiation and development of the diseases. We described the pathogenetic pathway for psoriasis. The article focuses on the treatment approaches for psoriasis that have arisen from the dissection of the inflammatory psoriatic pathways.

Results: We aimed to highlight the novel therapies and drugs used in the treatment of psoriasis, including food and drug administration (FDA) approved drugs and drugs under clinical trials. The treatment can be initiated for mild to the moderate diseased condition employing vitamin D3 analogues, corticosteroids and a combination of products as first-line therapy.

Conclusion: Psoriasis can be managed by a proper understanding of the immune function. We have also discussed medicinal herbs used for psoriasis based on their ethnopharmacological knowledge and reported work of researchers.

Keywords: Psoriasis plaque, inflammatory cascade, T-cell, herbs, immunity.

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