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Statins, Risk of Death and Ischemic Stroke in Patients with Dementia: A Registry-Based Observational Cohort Study

Author(s): Bojana Petek*, Hong Xu, Marta Villa-Lopez, Bengt Winblad, Milica G. Kramberger, Maria Eriksdotter and Sara Garcia-Ptacek*

Volume 17, Issue 10, 2020

Page: [881 - 892] Pages: 12

DOI: 10.2174/1567205017666201215130254

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Background: Survival in patients with dementia is variable. Statins are a cornerstone of cardiovascular prevention. However, the effect of statins on mortality and risk for stroke in patients with dementia is not clear.

Objective: The aim of the study was to analyse the association between the use of statins and the risk of all-cause death and first ischemic stroke in patients diagnosed with dementia.

Methods: A longitudinal cohort study of 48 771 patients based on combined Swedish registries was conducted. The association between the incident use of statins one year prior to dementia diagnosis, allcause mortality and first ischemic stroke was examined using propensity score-matched flexible parametric or Cox hazard survival models and is presented with hazard ratios and corresponding 95% confidence intervals.

Results: After propensity score matching, incident users of statins (n=1412) had a lower risk of all-cause death (HR 0.82, 95% CI 0.74-0.91) and ischemic stroke (HR 0.62, 95% CI 0.43-0.89) compared to matched non-users (n=4482). In stratified analysis, the protective association between incident statin use and survival was observed in men, patients older than 75 years, with Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. Furthermore, we observed a protective association between incident use of statins and first ischemic stroke risk in men, patients older than 75 years and with mixed dementia. There was a graded association between cumulative doses of statins and mortality.

Conclusion: The use of statins might be beneficial for the survival and ischemic stroke risk in patients with dementia in a dose-dependent manner.

Keywords: Statins, HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, death, mortality.

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