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ISSN (Print): 1568-0266
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Review Article

Tuberculosis: An Update on Pathophysiology, Molecular Mechanisms of Drug Resistance, Newer Anti-TB Drugs, Treatment Regimens and Host- Directed Therapies

Author(s): Pobitra Borah, Pran K. Deb*, Katharigatta N. Venugopala, Nizar A. Al-Shar’i, Vinayak Singh, Satyendra Deka, Amavya Srivastava, Vinod Tiwari and Raghu P. Mailavaram

Volume 21, Issue 6, 2021

Published on: 11 December, 2020

Page: [547 - 570] Pages: 24

DOI: 10.2174/1568026621999201211200447

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Human tuberculosis (TB) is primarily caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) that inhabits inside and amidst immune cells of the host with adapted physiology to regulate interdependent cellular functions with intact pathogenic potential. The complexity of this disease is attributed to various factors such as the reactivation of latent TB form after prolonged persistence, disease progression specifically in immunocompromised patients, advent of multi- and extensivelydrug resistant (MDR and XDR) Mtb strains, adverse effects of tailor-made regimens, and drug-drug interactions among anti-TB drugs and anti-HIV therapies. Thus, there is a compelling demand for newer anti-TB drugs or regimens to overcome these obstacles. Considerable multifaceted transformations in the current TB methodologies and molecular interventions underpinning hostpathogen interactions and drug resistance mechanisms may assist to overcome the emerging drug resistance. Evidently, recent scientific and clinical advances have revolutionised the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of all forms of the disease. This review sheds light on the current understanding of the pathogenesis of TB disease, molecular mechanisms of drug-resistance, progress on the development of novel or repurposed anti-TB drugs and regimens, host-directed therapies, with particular emphasis on underlying knowledge gaps and prospective for futuristic TB control programs.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Host-directed therapy, Bedaquiline, Delamanid, Drug resistance, MDR-TB.

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