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ISSN (Print): 1389-5575
ISSN (Online): 1875-5607

Mini-Review Article

Recent Progress in the Drug Development for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease Especially on Inhibition of Amyloid-peptide Aggregation

Author(s): Yuanyuan Liu, Lin Cong, Chu Han, Bo Li* and Rongji Dai

Volume 21, Issue 8, 2021

Published on: 27 November, 2020

Page: [969 - 990] Pages: 22

DOI: 10.2174/1389557520666201127104539

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As the world's population is aging, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has become a big concern since AD has started affecting younger people and the population of AD patients is increasing worldwide. It has been revealed that the neuropathological hallmarks of AD are typically characterized by the presence of neurotoxic extracellular amyloid plaques in the brain, which are surrounded by tangles of neuronal fibers. However, the causes of AD have not been completely understood yet. Currently, there is no drug to effectively prevent AD or to completely reserve the symptoms in the patients. This article reviews the pathological features associated with AD, the recent progress in research on the drug development to treat AD, especially on the discovery of natural product derivatives to inhibit Aβ peptide aggregation as well as the design and synthesis of Aβ peptide aggregation inhibitors to treat AD.

Keywords: Alzheimer's disease, amyloid hypothesis, amyloid β aggregation, amyloid β peptide inhibitors, drug development, clinical trials.

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