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Current Chromatography


ISSN (Print): 2213-2406
ISSN (Online): 2213-2414


Green and Sustainable Separation Science Techniques and Applications

Author(s): Mohammad Sharif Khan and Yong Foo Wong

Volume 7, Issue 1, 2020

Page: [4 - 4] Pages: 1

DOI: 10.2174/221324060701201028092439

Alam, M.K.; Tuli, R.; Khan, M.S.; Abdullah, M.A.T.; Khatun, M.; Akhtaruzzaman, M.; Islam, S.N.; Akhtaruzzaman, M. Chromatographic assessment of polyphenolic profile and total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of common leafy vegetables in Bangladesh. Curr. Chromat., 2020, 7(1), 40-50.
Sazali, N.H.; Jie, T.W.; Rahim, N.Y. Hydrophobic deep eutectic as a new solvent for liquid-liquid extraction and its potential application in ligandless extraction of Cu (II). Curr. Chromat., 2020, 7(1), 32-39.
Sams, S.; Alam, M.K.; Ahsan, M.; Islam, S.N. Total carotenoids content and assessment of carotene profile by high-performance liquid chromatography in selected vegetables of Bangladesh with special reference to some unconventional varieties. Curr. Chromat., 2020, 7(1), 24-31.
Shafira, K.F.; Azad, A.K.; Uddin, A.B.M.H.; Labu, Z.K. Extraction and quantification of eugenol from clove buds using HPLC. Curr. Chromat., 2020, 7(1), 17-23.
Zaid, A.B.; Saravanan, U.N.; Wong, Y.F.; Ching, N.W.; Saad, B. Evaluation of enantioselective capillary electrophoretic approach for the enantiomeric separation of abscisic acid. Curr. Chromat., 2020, 7(1), 51-56.
Khan, M.S.; Azmir, J.; da Silva, Junior, A.I; Wong, Y.F.; Mollah, M.; Althakafy, J.T.; Sarker, M.Z.I. Strategy for sustainable and green chromatographic separation science: innovation, technology and application. Curr. Chromat., 2020, 7(1), 5-16.

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