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Bronchospasmolytic and Adenosine Binding Activity of 8- (Proline / Pyrazole)- Substituted Xanthine Derivatives

Author(s): Sneha Singh, Madhwi Ojha, Divya Yadav, Sonja Kachler, Karl-Norbert Klotz and Rakesh Yadav*

Volume 18, Issue 5, 2021

Published on: 22 September, 2020

Article ID: e22092020186181 Pages: 12

DOI: 10.2174/1570163817666200922121005

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Background: 8-Phenyltheophylline derivatives exhibit prophylactic effects at a specific dose but do not produce the cardiovascular or emetic side effects associated with xanthines, thereby exhibiting unique characteristics of potential therapeutic importance.

Methods: Novel series of 8-(proline/pyrazole)-substituted xanthine analogs have been synthesized. The affinity and selectivity of compounds to adenosine receptors have been assessed by radioligand binding studies. The synthesized compounds also showed good bronchospasmolytic properties (increased onset of bronchospasm; decreased duration of jerks) with 100% survival of animals in comparison to the standard drug. Besides, compound 8f & 9f showed good binding affinity in comparison to other synthesized compounds in the micromolar range.

Results: The maximum binding affinity of these compounds was observed for A2B receptors, which was ~ 7 or 10 times higher as compared to A1, A2A and A3 receptors. The newly synthesized derivatives 8f, 9a-f, 17g-m, and 18g-m displayed significant protection against histamine aerosol induced bronchospasm in guinea pigs.

Conclusion: Newly synthesized proline/pyrazole based xanthines compounds showed a satisfactory binding affinity for adenosine receptor subtypes. Replacement or variation of substituted proline ring with substituted pyrazole scaffold at the 8th-position of xanthine moiety resulted in the reduction of adenosine binding affinity and bronchospasmolytic effects.

Keywords: 8-(proline/pyrazole)-substituted xanthines, asthma, adenosine receptors, bronchospasm, xanthine derivatives, prophylactic effects.

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