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Comparison of Efficacy and Peripheral Neuropathy of Solvent-based Paclitaxel with Paclitaxel Poliglumex and NK105: A Systematic Review and Metaanalysis

Author(s): Azade Taheri*, Amirhossein Rad, Erfan Sadeghi and Jaleh Varshosaz

Volume 27, Issue 17, 2021

Published on: 17 September, 2020

Page: [2041 - 2055] Pages: 15

DOI: 10.2174/1381612826666200917145551

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Background and Introduction: Peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common dose-limiting side effects of solvent-based paclitaxel. Paclitaxel poliglumex (PPX) and NK105 were developed to overcome the paclitaxel induced peripheral neuropathy. However, the incidence of peripheral neuropathy induced by PPX and NK105 was reported higher than solvent-based paclitaxel, but evidence remains inconsistent.

Methods: The article was reported in accordance with PRISMA Guidelines (Registration number: CRD42021245313). We conducted a meta-analysis to compare the incidence and severity of peripheral neuropathy between solvent-based paclitaxel, PPX and NK105 mono-chemotherapy.

Results: Results revealed that no significant difference exists between the incidence of all grade peripheral neuropathy among the solvent-based paclitaxel, PPX and NK105 treated groups. While, the incidence of high grade peripheral neuropathy induced by NK105 was lower than two other groups. Moreover, the overall survival was not improved in PPX compared with other groups. However, NK105 demonstrated significant longer overall survival in patients with cancer.

Conclusion: Current evidence suggests more attention should be paid to the paclitaxel poliglumex re-formulation.

Keywords: Incidence, peripheral neuropathy, paclitaxel poliglumex, NK105, solvent-based paclitaxel, meta-analysis.

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