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Review Article

Topical Ocular Delivery of Nanocarriers: A Feasible Choice for Glaucoma Management

Author(s): Karthikeyan Kesavan*, Parasuraman Mohan, Nivedita Gautam and Val C. Sheffield

Volume 26 , Issue 42 , 2020

Page: [5518 - 5532] Pages: 15

DOI: 10.2174/1381612826666200916145609

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Topical ocular delivery is an acceptable and familiar approach for the treatment of common ocular diseases. Novel strategies for the treatment of inherited eye diseases include new pharmacologic agents, gene therapy and genome editing, which lead to the expansion of new management options for eye disorders. The topical ocular delivery of nanocarriers is a technique, which has the potential to facilitate novel treatments. Nanocarrier- based strategies have proven effective for site-targeted delivery. This review summarizes recent development in the area of topical delivery of different nanocarriers (Polymer, Vesicular and dispersed systems) for the management of glaucoma, a group of ocular disorders characterized by progressive and accelerated degeneration of the axons of retinal ganglion cells, which make up the optic nerve. Unique cellular targets for glaucoma treatment, primarily the trabecular meshwork of the anterior segment of the eye, make glaucoma facilitated by the use of nanocarriers an ideal disorder for novel molecular therapies.

Keywords: Glaucoma, topical ocular delivery, positively charged, nanocarriers, mucoadhesive, ganglion cells.

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