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Microwave-Induced Ugi-Four Component Reactions: Synthesis of New Hetero- Steroid-Amino Acid Conjugates

Author(s): Preetismita Borah*, Biswa Mohan Sahoo, Vhatkar Dattatraya Shivling and Bimal Krishna Banik

Volume 17, Issue 8, 2020

Page: [641 - 647] Pages: 7

DOI: 10.2174/1570179417666200825164654

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Background: Aza-steroids are an important class of compounds because of their numerous biological activities. The hetero steroids have different hydrogen bonding ability and hydrophobicity in comparison to steroids.

Materials and Methods: Microwave-induced synthesis of a novel type of hybrid hetero-steroid amine conjugates, following Ugi-four component reactions of steroidal amines with alanine and valine methyl esters as amino acid residues is described. Specifically, hetero-steroid-amino acid conjugate based on D-ring fused hetero steroidal amine, hetero-steroid-amino acid conjugate based on A-ring hetero steroidal amine, and hetero-steroidamino acid conjugate based on B-ring hetero steroidal amine are synthesized.

Results and Discussion: The yield of the products under microwave-induced process was considerably higher than that obtained by the conventional method. In contrast to the conventional method for the synthesis of these molecules, microwave-induced method has several advantages.

Conclusion: These include rapid reaction, a superior yield of the product, minimum side reaction, and economical microwave-induced process.

Keywords: Microwave, Ugi-4CR, steroidal amines, amino acids, heterosteroid conjugates, aza-steroids.

Graphical Abstract
Borah, P.; Borah, J.M.; Chowdhury, P. Microwave (MW) irradiated Ugi four-component reaction (Ugi-4CR): Expedited synthesis of steroid-amino acid conjugates--A novel class of hybrid compounds. Steroids, 2015, 98, 49-57.
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