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Author(s): Francesca Blasi

Volume 16 , Issue 8 , 2020

Page: [1147 - 1148] Pages: 2

DOI: 10.2174/157340131608200824122415

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Detection of cow milk in donkey milk by chemometric procedures on triacylglycerol stereospecific analysis results (L. Cossignani, F. Blasi, A. Bosi, G. D’Arco, S. Maurelli, Simonetti M.S., Damiani P.).. J Dairy Res 2011; 78: 335-42.
In vitro genotoxicity/antigenotoxicity testing of some conjugated linoleic acid isomers using comet assay (Blasi F., Dominici L., Moretti M., Villarini M., Maurelli S., Simonetti M.S., Damiani P., Cossignani L.).. Eur J Lipid Sci Technol 2012; 114: 1016-24.
Oxidative modifications of conjugated and unconjugated linoleic acid during heating (Laura G., Blasi F., Simonetti M.S., Cossignani L.).. Food Chem 2013; 140: 680-5.
Characterisation of secondary metabolites in saffron from central Italy (Cascia, Umbria) (Cossignani L., Urbani E., Simonetti M.S., Maurizi A., Chiesi C., Blasi F.).. Food Chem 2014; 143: 446-51.
Investigation on secondary metabolite content and antioxidant activity of commercial saffron powder (Urbani E.; Blasi F.; Simonetti M.S.; Chiesi C.; Cossignani L.).. Eur Food Res Technol 2016; 242: 987-93.
A simple and rapid extraction method to evaluate the fatty acid composition and nutritional value of goji berry lipid (Blasi F.; Montesano D; Simonetti M.S.; Cossignani L.).. Food Anal Methods 2017; 10: 970-9.
Fatty acids and phytosterols to discriminate geographic origin of Lycium barbarum berry (Cossignani L.; Blasi F.; Simonetti M.S.; Montesano D.).. Food Anal Methods 2018; 11: 1180-8.
Changes in extra-virgin olive oil added with Lycium barbarum L. carotenoids during frying: Chemical analyses and metabolomics approach (Blasi F., Rocchetti G., Montesano D., Lucini L., Chiodelli G., Ghisoni S., Baccolo G., Simonetti M.S., Cossignani L.).. Food Res Int 2018; 105: 507-16.
UHPLC-ESI-QTOF-MS profile of polyphenols in Goji berries (Lycium barbarum L.) and its dynamics during in vitro gastrointestinal digestion and fermentation (Rocchetti G., Chiodelli G., Giuberti G., Ghisoni S., Baccolo G., Blasi F., Montesano D., Trevisan M., Lucini L.).. J Funct Foods 2018; 40: 564-72.
Sustainable Crops for Food Security: Moringa (Moringa oleifera Lam.) (Montesano D., Cossignani L., Blasi F.); 2018.In book: Reference Module in Food Science .
Characterisation and geographical traceability of Italian goji berries (Bertoldi D., Cossignani L., Blasi F., Perini M., Barbero A., Pianezze S., Montesano D.).. Food Chem 2019; 275: 585-93.
Impact of conventional/non-conventional extraction methods on the untargeted phenolic profile of Moringa oleifera leaves (Rocchetti G., Blasi F., Montesano D., Ghisoni S., Marcotullio M.C., Sabatini S., Cossignani L., Lucini L.).. Food Res Int 2019.
Invited review: Authentication of milk by direct and indirect analysis of triacylglycerol molecular species (Cossignani, Pollini, Blasi).. J Dairy Sci 2019; 102: 5871-82.
Varietal authentication of extra virgin olive oils by triacylglycerols and volatiles analysis (Blasi F, Pollini L, Cossignani L).. Foods 2019; 8: 58.
Artocarpus tonkinensis protects mice against collagen-induced arthritis and decreases Th17 cell function (Adorisio S, Fierabracci A, Muscari I, Liberati AM, Calvitti M, Cossignani L, Blasi F, Quan TD, Tam NT, Van Sung T, Riccardi C, Thuy TT, Delfino D).. Front Pharmacol 2019; 10: 503.

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