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Review Article

Novel Nanolipoidal Systems for the Management of Skin Cancer

Author(s): Apoorva Singh and Nimisha*

Volume 14, Issue 2, 2020

Page: [108 - 125] Pages: 18

DOI: 10.2174/1872211314666200817115700

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Skin cancer, among the various kinds of cancers, is a type that emerges from skin due to the growth of abnormal cells. These cells are capable of spreading and invading the other parts of the body. The occurrence of non-melanoma and melanoma, which are the major types of skin cancers, has increased over the past decades. Exposure to ultraviolet radiations (UV) is the main associative cause of skin cancer. UV exposure can inactivate tumor suppressor genes while activating various oncogenes. The conventional techniques like surgical removal, chemotherapy and radiation therapy lack the potential for targeting cancer cells and harm the normal cells. However, the novel therapeutics show promising improvements in the effectiveness of treatment, survival rates and better quality of life for patients. Different methodologies are involved in the skin cancer therapeutics for delivering the active ingredients to the target sites. Nano carriers are very efficient as they have the ability to improve the stability of drugs and further enhance their penetration into the tumor cells. The recent developments and research in nanotechnology have entitled several targeting and therapeutic agents to be incorporated into nanoparticles for an enhancive treatment of skin cancer. To protect the research works in the field of nanolipoidal systems various patents have been introduced. Some of the patents acknowledge responsive liposomes for specific targeting, nanocarriers for the delivery or co-delivery of chemotherapeutics, nucleic acids as well as photosensitizers. Further recent patents on the novel delivery systems have also been included here.

Keywords: Melanoma, non-melanoma, novel therapeutics, recent patents, skin cancer, ultraviolet radiations.

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Graphical Abstract
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