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Molecular Transformations in DNA under the Influence of UV-radiation

Author(s): Vigen G. Barkhudaryan*, Gayane V. Ananyan and Nelli H. Karapetyan

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2021

Published on: 14 August, 2020

Page: [40 - 46] Pages: 7

DOI: 10.2174/2452271604666200814123505

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Background: The processes of destruction and crosslinking of macromolecules occur simultaneously under the influence of ultraviolet (UV) radiation in synthetic polymers, dry DNA and their concentrated solutions.

Objective: The effect of UV radiation on calf thymus DNA in dilute solutions subjected to UV- irradiation was studied in this work.

Method: The calf thymus DNA was studied in dilute solutions using viscometry, absorption spectroscopy and electrophoresis.

Results: It was shown that at a low concentration of DNA in the buffer solution ([DNA] = 85 μg / ml) under the influence of UV radiation, the processes of destruction of macromolecules and an increase in their flexibility predominate, which are accompanied by a gradual decrease in the viscosity of their solution. In addition, due to the low concentration of the solution, intramolecular crosslinking of macromolecules predominates, which also reduces their size and, consequently, the viscosity of the solution.

Conclusion: It was concluded that in dilute DNA solutions, due to the predominance of the processes of intramolecular crosslinking of macromolecules over intermolecular, only constant processes of decreasing the sizes of DNA macromolecules occur. As a result, their solubility remains virtually unchanged during UV irradiation. The described explanations are also confirmed by the results of absorption spectroscopy and electrophoresis.

Keywords: CtDNA, destruction, crosslinking, viscometry, spectroscopy, electrophoresis.

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