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Bedside Cardiac Pocus in Emergency Setting: A Practice Review

Author(s): Christian Zanza*, Yaroslava Longhitano, Marco Artico, Gianmaria Cammarota, Andrea Barbanera, Fabrizio Racca, Andrea Audo, Enrico Ravera, Alessio Migneco, Andrea Piccioni and Francesco Franceschi

Volume 15, Issue 4, 2020

Page: [269 - 277] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/1574887115666200802023306

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Background: In the last years, ultrasound technology has entered clinical practice as a tank and today, it has also allowed no-cardiologists to extend their medical examination without needing to call the consultant and having a good profile of diagnostic accuracy.

The ultrasound bedside does not replace the consultant, but it allows not to perform inappropriate consultations with more savings for hospitals.

Objective: The aim was to review the recently published literature to inform the clinician about the most up to date management of use bedside echography in the emergency setting. In this short review, we focused on two types of syndromes, no traumatic- hypotension and dyspnea, common to the three holistic disciplines of medicine, showing the main and basic questions and answers that ultrasound can give us for rapid identification of the problems.

Methods: We conducted a systematic review using Pubmed/Medline, Ovid/Willey and Cochrane Library, combining key terms such as “cardiac ultrasound, “cardiac diseases”, “emergency medicine”, “pocus”, “dyspnea”, “ hypotension”. We selected the most relevant clinical trials and review articles (excluding case reports) published in the last 19 years and in our opinion, 59 publications appeared to be the best choice according to the PRISMA statement. In additional papers identified from individual article reference lists were also included.

Conclusion: Recent studies have shown a promise in establishing best practices for evaluation of heart, lung abdomen and deep vessels At the moment, bedside US is widely used in an integrated ultrasound vision just like the holistic view have internal medicine, intensive care and emergency medicine and many medical schools in Europe and the USA are inserting ultrasonography into the core curriculum, but we still have to find a standard method for the training program for minimum competence acquisition.

Keywords: Cardiac ultrasound, cardiac diseases, emergency medicine, pocus, dyspnea, hypotension.

Graphical Abstract
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