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Characterization of GeSbSe Based Slot Optical Waveguides

Author(s): Muddassir Iqbal*, YouQiao Ma, Delin Zhao and Babak Parvaei

Volume 17, Issue 2, 2021

Published on: 28 July, 2020

Page: [257 - 265] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/1573413716999200728173529

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Background: Among various chalcogenides, GeSbSe shows a good transmittance in the visible, NIR and, midIR spectrum from 1-20 μm and also demonstrates excellent moldability.

Objective: In current work, we have characterized GeSbSe glass for use in sensor mechanism and for adaptive polarization control.

Methods: After analysing an earlier work regarding GeSbSe based Silicon on insulator optical waveguide, we implemented GeSbSe in a low refractive index slot region of SOI slot optical waveguide. Change in waveguide geometry can cause a shift in the dispersion profile, but a relatively distinct pattern has been observed. T-slot waveguide structure has also been analysed, where GeSbSe has been implemented in low refractive index slot regions with the Graphene layer beneath the horizontal slot region for enhancement in tailoring ability of the birefringence parameters.

Results: Literature review led to the presence of absorption resonance wavelength in SOI slot optical waveguide with our proposed composition, which is attributed to the single average harmonic oscillator property of the chalcogenides. In the T-slot waveguide structure, it was found that a shift in Fermi energy and Mobility values can bring a change in birefringence, even with constant waveguide geometry and operating wavelength.

Conclusion: Absorption resonance wavelength in GeSbSe slot optical waveguide has been exploited for proposing the refractive index dispersion sensor. Our design approach regarding T-slot waveguide may lead to the provision of automated polarization management sources for the light on chip circuits.

Keywords: Chalcogenides, silicon on insulator, slot optical waveguide, refractive index, modal effective index, single average harmonic oscillator.

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