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iRGD Co-Administration with Paclitaxel-Loaded PLGA Nanoparticles Enhance Targeting and Antitumor Effect in Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Author(s): Li Li, Mi Yang, Rutian Li, Jing Hu, Lixia Yu and Xiaoping Qian*

Volume 21, Issue 7, 2021

Published on: 21 July, 2020

Page: [910 - 918] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/1871520620666200721134919

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Objective: To explore the targeting effect of PLGA-NP and iRGD co-administration with PTXPLGA NP (PTX-PLGA + iRGD) on colorectal cancer.

Methods: Whether PLGA-NP co-administration with iRGD peptide could show effective tumor-targeting ability in contrast to with PLGA-NP in colorectal cancer mice models was evaluated. Moreover, the chemotherapeutics Paclitaxel (PTX) was loaded into the PLGA-NP to impart anti-tumor efficiency to the PTX-PLGA. Whether iRGD co-administration with PTX-PLGA NP (PTX-PLGA + iRGD) in colorectal cancer models enabled PTX to achieve better anti-tumor efficiency and biocompatibility was further assessed.

Results: The targeting ability of PLGA-NP was enhanced in cell experiment and colorectal cancer mice models by co-administration of iRGD. As a result, PTX-PLGA + iRGD achieved better anti-tumor efficacy than PTX and PTX-PLGA.

Conlusion: The nanocarrier based on PLGA with specific targeting ability could promote the clinical application of various chemotherapeutics similar to PTX. The combination of drug-loaded nanoparticles and iRGD could develop into a promising drug delivery system.

Keywords: Nanocarrier, paclitaxel, targeting ability, anti-tumor efficiency, colorectal cancer, iRGD.

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