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Review Article

Targeting NUPR1 for Cancer Treatment: A Risky Endeavor

Author(s): Salma M.A. Mansour, Sahar A. Ali, Shaira Nofal and Sameh H. Soror*

Volume 20 , Issue 10 , 2020

Page: [768 - 778] Pages: 11

DOI: 10.2174/1568009620666200703152523

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NUPR1 is a transcription factor that has attracted great attention because of its various roles in cancer. Several studies were carried out to determine its molecular targets and mechanism of action to develop novel therapies against cancer. Here, we shed light on the role of NUPR1 in different types of cancer. NUPR1 regulates a complex network of pathways that may be affected by its silencing, which can cause varying effects. Its role in some types of cancer has been reported but remains incompletely understood, whereas its roles in other types of cancers have not been reported yet. Therefore, targeting NUPR1 for cancer treatment remains challenging and risky.

Keywords: NUPR1, Com-1, p8, stress protein, cancer progression, cancer inhibition, chemoresistance.

Graphical Abstract
Emma, M.R.; Iovanna, J.L.; Bachvarov, D.; Puleio, R.; Loria, G.R.; Augello, G.; Candido, S.; Libra, M.; Gulino, A.; Cancila, V.; McCubrey, J.A.; Montalto, G.; Cervello, M. NUPR1, a new target in liver cancer: implication in controlling cell growth, migration, invasion and sorafenib resistance. Cell Death Dis., 2016, 7(6) e2269
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