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Current Microwave Chemistry


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DyPO4·1.5H2O Microcrystals: Microwave/Ultrasound/ Ultraviolet Light- Assisted Synthesis, Characterization and Formation Mechanism

Author(s): Mengmeng Li, Shuang Huang, Hang Zhang, Lei Wang* and Shengliang Zhong*

Volume 7 , Issue 3 , 2020

Page: [216 - 221] Pages: 6

DOI: 10.2174/2213335607666200701214200

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Background: Researchers have pursued the new synthesis method. As a newly developed method, microwave (MW), ultrasound (US) and ultraviolet light (UV) assisted synthesis has drawn increasing interests. Under the synergistic effect, many materials with new structure, morphology and properties may be found. As an important rare-earth phosphate, DyPO4 was selected and the effect of MW, US and UV on the preparation was investigated.

Methods: The DyPO4·1.5H2O nanostructures were prepared by MW, US, UV and their combination.

Results: Hexagonal DyPO4·1.5H2O microcrystals obtained under MW irradiation were broomstick bundles. Needle-shaped products were formed in the presence of MW and US. Interestingly, the broom-sheaf-like structures can self-assemble into flower-shaped structures upon the irradiation of MW and UV. Whereas, MW/UV/US synergetic heating results in mixed morphologies of flower-like and needle-shaped structures.

Conclusion: The growth of DyPO4 nanostructures can be tuned by selecting the combination of heating method of MW, US and UV.

Keywords: DyPO4, microwave, ultrasound, ultraviolet light, rare earth, microcrystals.

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