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Nano-sized Solid Dispersions for Improving the Bioavailability of Poorly Water-soluble Drugs

Author(s): Phuong H.L. Tran and Thao T.D. Tran*

Volume 26 , Issue 38 , 2020

Page: [4917 - 4924] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/1381612826666200701134135

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It has been well established that solid dispersions have a high potential to increase the release rate of poorly water-soluble drugs, resulting in high drug bioavailability. Solid dispersions have been vigorously investigated with various practical approaches in recent decades. Improvements in wettability, molecular interactions and drugs being held in an amorphous state in solid dispersions are the main mechanisms underlying the high drug release rate. Moreover, the synergistic effect of incorporating nanotechnology in solid dispersions is expected to lead to an advanced drug delivery system for poorly water-soluble drugs. However, to date, there is still a lack of reviews providing outlooks on the nano-sized solid dispersions that have been substantially investigated for improving the bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs. In the current review, we aim to overview key advantages and approaches for producing nano-sized solid dispersions. The classification of key strategies in developing nano-sized solid dispersions will advance the creation of even more efficient solid dispersions, which will translate into clinical studies.

Keywords: Solid dispersions, amorphous, poorly water-soluble drugs, nano-sized, bioavailability, dispersions.

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