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Identification and Characterization of Lipopeptide Biosurfactant Producing Microbacterium sp Isolated from Brackish River Water

Author(s): Anuraj Nayarisseri*, Ravina Khandelwal and Sanjeev Kumar Singh*

Volume 20 , Issue 24 , 2020

Page: [2221 - 2234] Pages: 14

DOI: 10.2174/1568026620666200628144716

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Background: Bioremediation has taken its call for removing pollutants for years. The oilcontaminated surroundings are majorly hazardous for sustaining life, but a great contribution to nature in the form of microorganisms. The complex carbon-hydrogen chain has served as classic raw material to chemical industries, which has perked up the hydrocarbon waste. Microbial remediation has been thus, focused to deal with the lacuna, where the new addition to this category is Microbacterium species.

Objectives: The identification and characterization of lipopeptide biosurfactant producing Microbacterium spp. isolated from brackish river water.

Methods: The strain was isolated from an oil-contaminated lake. The strain was tested with all the other isolated species for oil degradation using screening protocols such as haemolysis, oil spread assay, BATH, E24, etc. The produced biosurfactant was extracted by acid precipitation, followed by solvent recovery. The strain with maximum potential was sequenced and was subjected to phylogeny assessment using in silico tools.

Results: Novel Microbacterium species produce the extracellular biosurfactant. The surface tension of Microbacterium was found to be 32mN/m, indicates its powerful surface tension-reducing property. The strain was optimized for the production of biosurfactant and the best results were obtained with sucrose (2%) and yeast extract (3%) medium at 7 pH and 40°C temperature.

Conclusion: The isolate was confirmed to be a novel Microbacterium species that could produce 0.461 gm biosurfactant in 100 ml of the medium throughout a life cycle and novel strain of isolate was deposited to NCBI as Microbacterium spp. ANSKSLAB01 using an accession number: KU179507.

Keywords: Biosurfactant producing bacteria, Microbacterium, 16S rRNA sequencing, Phylogenetic analysis, Lipopeptide biosurfactant, Hydrocarbon.

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