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Synthesis of New Cyanopyridine Scaffolds and their Biological Activities

Author(s): Nabil A. Alhakamy, Ahmad O. Noor, Khaled M. Hosny, Jenny Jeehan Nasr, Moustafa M.G. Fouda, Tawfik A. Khattab* and Hatem E. Gaffer

Volume 17 , Issue 7 , 2020

Page: [567 - 575] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/1570179417666200628020602

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Background: 3-Cyanopyridine analogues are significant moieties with a variety of biological effects such as antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and cytotoxic agents. In addition, they could be applied in the treatment of several diseases.

Objective: The study conducted cyclo-addition of 3a-e derivatives with malononitrile to yield the corresponding 6-(4-((3-cyano-pyridinyl) amino) phenyl)-4-phenylnicotinonitriles 4a-e.

Materials and Methods: Physical and spectral analyses were performed to demonstrate the proper structures of all incorporated analogues. The in vitro antimicrobial activity of the preps derivatives was investigated by testing them with a panel of pathogenic strains of bacteria and fungi. The anti-tuberculosis activity was observed against the Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv strain. When examining cytotoxic agents for four different cell lines, researchers found that their activity was persuasive compared with that of standard antibiotics. In addition, the antioxidant activity of the synthesized analogues was evaluated using the DPPH method.

Results and Discussions: The synthesized analogues were examined to determine their activity against the M. tuberculosis H37Rv strain. Derivatives 2c, 2e, 3d and 3e had good inhibition. Further screening was done for the highest potency against M. tuberculosis to determine the MICs. The antioxidant efficacy was evaluated via the DPPH technique matched with vitamin C as a positive control. The prospective results showed that the derivatives did not display scavenging efficacies in comparison with the standard.

Conclusion: Some synthesized derivatives displayed good potency against bacterial activity and M. Tuberculosis. However, the antioxidant performance of these derivatives did not display scavenging efficacies compared to vitamin C. The cytotoxic activity of the synthesized derivatives was examined against various cell lines to display good cytotoxic activity in the order 4a-e > 2a-e > 3a-b.

Keywords: 3-cyanopyridine, anti-tuberculosis, anticancer activity, antimicrobial, antioxidant, cytotoxicity.

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