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Review Article

Microwave-assisted Synthesis of Benzoxazoles Derivatives

Author(s): Musa Özil* and Emre Menteşe

Volume 7, Issue 3, 2020

Page: [183 - 195] Pages: 13

DOI: 10.2174/2213335607999200518094114

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Background: Benzoxazole, containing a 1,3-oxazole system fused with a benzene ring, has a profound effect on medicinal chemistry research owing to its important pharmacological activities. On the other hand, the benzoxazole derivative has exhibited important properties in material science. Especially in recent years, microwave-assisted synthesis is a technique that can be used to increase diversity and quick research in modern chemistry. The utilization of microwave irradiation is beneficial for the synthesis of benzoxazole in recent years. In this focused review, we provide a metaanalysis of studies on benzoxazole in different reaction conditions, catalysts, and starting materials by microwave technique so far, which is different from conventional heating.

Methods: Synthesis of different kind of benzoxazole derivatives have been carried out by microwave irradiation. The most used method to obtain benzoxazoles is the condensation of 2-aminophenol or its derivatives with aldehydes, carboxylic acids, nitriles, isocyanates, and aliphatic amines.

Results: Benzoxazole system and its derivatives have exhibited a broad range of pharmacological properties. Thus, many scientists have remarked on the importance of the synthesis of different benzoxazole derivatives. Conventional heating is a relatively inefficient and slow method to convey energy in orientation to the reaction medium. However, the microwave-assisted heating technique is a more effective interior heating by straight coupling of microwave energy with the molecules.

Conclusion: In this review, different studies were presented on the recent details accessible in the microwave- assisted techniques on the synthesis of the benzoxazole ring. It presents all examples of such compounds that have been reported from 1996 to the present. Benzoxazoles showed an extensive class of chemical substances not only in pharmaceutical chemistry but also in dyestuff, polymer industries, agrochemical, and optical brighteners. Thus the development of fast and efficient achievement of benzoxazoles with a diversity of substituents in high yield is getting more noteworthy. As shown in this review, microwave-assisted synthesis of benzoxazoles is a very effective and useful technique.

Keywords: Benzoxazoles, microwave, synthesis, heterocyclic, green chemistry, solvent free, catalyst free, bioactive.

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