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Presence of Cathelicidin-1 in Milk as an Indicator of the Severity of Mammary Infection in Ewes

Author(s): Angeliki I. Katsafadou, Natalia G.C. Vasileiou, George T. Tsangaris, Katerina S. Ioannidi, Athanasios K. Anagnostopoulos, Charalambos Billinis, Ilektra A. Fragkou, Elias Papadopoulos, Vasia S. Mavrogianni, Dafni T. Lianou, Dimitris C. Chatzopoulos and George C. Fthenakis*

Volume 18, Issue 2, 2021

Published on: 10 May, 2020

Page: [162 - 168] Pages: 7

DOI: 10.2174/1570164617999200510234638

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Aims: The importance of cathelicidin-1 as an indicator of the severity of mammary infection in ewes.

Background: Mastitis is an important disease of sheep, affecting their health and welfare.

Objective: The association of the presence of cathelicidin-1 in milk samples from ewes with mastitis with the severity of the infection.

Methods: Ewes were intramammarily inoculated with Mannheimia haemolytica or Staphylococcus chromogenes. Conventional (clinical, bacteriological and cytological examinations; milk yield measurements) and proteomics evaluation (2-DE, MALDI-TOF MS) to record cathelicidin-1 spot optical densities in milk samples were recorded.

Results: Ewes challenged with M. haemolytica developed clinical and ewes challenged with S. chromogenes subclinical mastitis (P=0.05). The challenged organism was isolated from milk samples from inoculated mammary glands; increased somatic cell counts were also recorded. Cathelicidin- 1 was detected in milk samples from the inoculated side of udders of all ewes. Mean spot density of cathelicidin-1 from samples from inoculated glands of ewes challenged with M. haemolytica was higher than from ewes challenged with S. chromogenes: 2896 ± 973 versus 1312 ± 361 (P =0.034). There were significant correlations between the presence of clinical mastitis / somatic cell counts with the spot density of cathelicidin-1 on 2-DE gels (P=0.043 and P=0.023, respectively). There was also a significant inverse correlation between the mean spot densities of cathelicidin-1 in milk samples and the milk yield of respective ewes on D10 (P =0.031).

Conclusion: Potentially, cathelicidin-1 could be used as a marker to indicate the severity of damage to the mammary parenchyma.

Keywords: Biomarker, cathelicidin-1, mastitis, mammary epithelial cells, pathogenesis, proteomics, sheep, somatic cell counts.

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