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Chain-breaking/Preventive Antioxidant, Urate-lowering, and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Pure Curcumin

Author(s): Seghira Bisset, Widad Sobhi *, Chawki Bensouici and Abdelhalim Khenchouche

Volume 17, Issue 1, 2021

Published on: 21 April, 2020

Page: [66 - 74] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/1573401316999200421095134

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Background: Several researches have shown that therapeutic compounds or phytochemicals from natural sources are important in the food as it is valuable in pharmaceutical industries due to their fewer side effects and potent against various diseases. Curcumin, a major polyphenol derived from turmeric spice, which used in many foods, has a wide range of biological activities, with quite a safety.

Objective: The goal of this study was to investigate the antioxidant, urate-lowering, and antiinflammatory effects of pure curcumin.

Methods: The antioxidant activity was evaluated for chain-breaking antioxidant effect (radicalscavenging and reducing abilities assays) and for preventive antioxidant effect with metal chelating assay, the urate-lowering was assayed on aspectrophotometer by measuring the inhibition of uric acid production by xanthine oxidase (XO) enzyme, and the anti-inflammatory effect was estimated using in vitro albumin denaturation inhibition.

Results: Curcumin showed a significant and good chain-breaking antioxidant effect, both in free radical- scavenging assays (Galvinoxyl radical, ABTS, and hydroxyl radical), and in reducing abilities methods (reducing power, Cupric ion reducing antioxidant capacity and O-phenanthroline assays). In preventive antioxidant effect, assessed with the metal chelating assay, curcumin showed significant effect but with high concentration compared with standard. In the xanthine/xanthine oxidase system, curcumin significantly inhibited uric acid production (IC50=0.71 ± 0.06 mg/mL). Regarding antiinflammatory activity, curcumin showed significant inhibition of albumin denaturation with an IC50 value of 1181.69 ± 1.11μg/mL.

Conclusion: These results indicated that curcumin showed promising antioxidant, anti-gout and antiinflammatory properties and might be used as potential, natural drugs against oxidative and inflammation- related diseases.

Keywords: Albumine denaturation, CUPRAC, curcumin, GOR, metal chelating, O-phenanthroline, urate-lowering, xanthine oxidase.

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