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Review Article

Anti-DENV and Anti-Dengue Vector Activity of Some Heterocyclic Scaffolds

Author(s): Deepika Purohit, Neelima Dhingra, Rohit Dutt and Sahil Kumar*

Volume 20, Issue 12, 2020

Page: [1062 - 1071] Pages: 10

DOI: 10.2174/1389557520666200414162408

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Dengue is a major health threat related to arbovirus and is endemic in more than 100 countries with an annual estimated above 390 million incidences of infection all around the world. During the period 1996-2015, a considerable increase in the number of dengue cases (more than 500%) was reported in India. Information about dengue disease burden, its prevalence, incidence and geographic distribution is critical in planning appropriate control measures against dengue fever. Till date, no specific treatment for dengue fever is available in any system of medicine, which can be accepted globally. Therefore, safe, cost-effective, and efficacious agents possessing anti-viral potential against dengue virus are needed to be searched in order to fight the dengue infection globally. The aim of the present review is to systematically revise the published research work available concerning the development and evaluation of some heterocyclic scaffolds in the management of dengue.

Keywords: Arbovirus, anti-viral, dengue infection, heterocyclic, NTDs, DENV.

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