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Mini-Review Article

Binge Eating and Binge Drinking: A Two-Way Road? An Integrative Review

Author(s): Tamara Escrivá-Martínez, Rocío Herrero, Guadalupe Molinari, Marta Rodríguez-Arias, Antonio Verdejo-García and Rosa M. Baños*

Volume 26, Issue 20, 2020

Page: [2402 - 2415] Pages: 14

DOI: 10.2174/1381612826666200316153317

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Unhealthy diet and alcohol are serious health problems, especially in adolescents and young adults. “Binge” is defined as the excessive and uncontrolled consumption of food (binge eating) and alcohol (binge drinking). Both behaviors are frequent among young people and have a highly negative impact on health and quality of life. Several studies have explored the causes and risk factors of both behaviors, and the evidence concludes that there is a relationship between the two behaviors. In addition, some research postulates that binge eating is a precipitating factor in the onset and escalation of excessive alcohol consumption, while other studies suggest that alcohol consumption leads to excessive and uncontrollable food consumption. Given that no review has yet been published regarding the directionality between the two behaviors, we have set out to provide an upto- date overview of binge eating and binge drinking problems, analyzing their commonalities and differences, and their uni- and bidirectional associations. In addition, we explore the reasons why young people tend to engage in both behaviors and consider directions for future research and clinical implications.

Keywords: Unhealthy diet, alcohol, health, binge eating, binge drinking, review, directionality.

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