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Long Non-coding RNAs in Metabolic and Inflammatory Pathways in Obesity

Author(s): Yue Shi, Jiayuan Qu, Liyue Gai, Ding Yuan* and Chengfu Yuan*

Volume 26 , Issue 27 , 2020

Page: [3317 - 3325] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/1381612826666200316143842

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Background: In recent decades, the incidence of obesity has been rising globally. Obesity can often cause various inflammatory reactions, resulting in several diseases that threaten public health. The purpose of this review is to explore the role of long non-coding RNAs in metabolic obesity and find new targets for the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases.

Methods: We described the relationship between obesity and inflammation, reviewed several signaling pathways in metabolic inflammation, and summarized some of the long non-coding RNAs and their targets associated with metabolic inflammation. The related studies were retrieved through a systematic search of the PubMed database.

Result: Metabolic stress during obesity can cause inflammation through several metabolic pathways. Many long non-coding RNAs can affect the progression of metabolic inflammation by affecting different pathways.

Conclusion: Downregulation or antagonization of long non-coding RNAs in metabolic pathways may provide new ideas and therapeutic targets for the prevention and treatment of metabolic inflammation.

Keywords: Metabolic inflammation, signaling pathway, long non-coding RNA, obesity, inflammation, metabolic stress.

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