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Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronic Engineering


ISSN (Print): 2352-0965
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Technical Support System for Power System Load Modeling

Author(s): Tiantian Sun, Shaorun Bian, Yu Sun, Zhenshu Wang*, Wenqiao Li and Fayu Chong

Volume 13, Issue 7, 2020

Page: [1059 - 1067] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/2352096513666200309110756

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Background: In order to better establish accurate load models and meet the practical demand of current power system load modeling, it is necessary to establish related technical support systems for power system load modeling.

Objective: The purpose of the paper was to construct the overall scheme of power system load modeling technology support system and complete the development of the system.

Methods: Based on the modular design idea, the system adopts a multi-level architecture combining B/S and C/S modes, covering the key technologies of substation classification based on selforganizing neural network algorithm, load dynamic characteristic classification based on lifting wavelet packet algorithm, load model parameter identification and load modeling based on adaptive interactive multiple model (AIMM) algorithm.

Results: After actual operation verification, the built technology support system can well solve the related problems of substation classification, load dynamic characteristic classification, load model parameter identification and load modeling. It has the characteristics of a friendly man-machine interface, simple operation and strong extensibility.

Conclusion: The built technology support system provides powerful technical support for improving the load data management level of the power system and establishing an accurate load model, and promotes the practical process of load modeling theory.

Keywords: Power system, load modeling, feature extraction, parameter identification, modularization, support system.

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