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Expression Levels of A Disintegrin-like Metalloproteinase with Thrombospondin Motifs-4 and -5 (ADAMTS-4 and ADAMTS-5) in Inflamed and Healthy Gingival Tissues

Author(s): Mahmure A. Tayman*, İsmail Koyuncu and Nimet Ö. Köklü

Volume 23 , Issue 2 , 2020

Page: [168 - 176] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/1386207323666200218113000

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Background: ADAMTS (A disintegrin-like metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs) is a group of 19 zinc-dependent metalloproteases known to function in many pathological and physiological processes, such as adhesion, cell fusion, signaling, proteolysis and ECM degradation.

Objectives: The aim of this study was to demonstrate the levels of ADAMTS-4 and -5 in gingival tissues with Stage III-Grade B generalized periodontitis (SIII-GB), Stage III-Grade C generalized periodontitis (SIII-GC) and healthy-control (C) groups.

Methods: The clinical measurements were recorded for each patient. A total of 63 gingival biopsy specimens were obtained from the C (n:20), SIII-GB (n:23) and SIII-GC (n:20) groups. Polymerase chain reaction (Rt-PCR) and immunohistochemical (IHC) examinations were used to determine gene and protein levels.

Results: According to the results of all methods, ADAMTS-4 and -5 expressions existed in periodontitis and C groups (P> 0.05). Immunostaining for ADAMTS-4 was found to be higher in patients with periodontitis than for ADAMTS-5 (P>0.05). Gene expression levels for ADAMTS-4 and -5 seemed to be up-regulated in subjects diagnosed with periodontitis, but the results were not statistically significant (P>0.05). A positive correlation was observed between PPD and ADAMTS-4 mRNA in SIII-GC (p=0.035) and SIII-GB (p=0.015). A positive correlation was determined between ADAMTS-4 mRNA and ADAMTS-5 mRNA in SIII-GC (p=0.037) and SIII-GB (p=0.00).

Conclusion: ADAMTS expression may take part in both pathological and physiological processes in the periodontal tissues, and periodontal destruction may be the result of a complex interaction of several pathways with many participants, such as ADAMTS-4 and -5, thus facilitating the exaggeration of periodontal disease.

Keywords: Matrix metalloproteinase, ADAMTS-4, ADAMTS-5, periodontal disease, inflammation, generalized periodontitis.

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