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Review Article (Mini-Review)

Self-Assembly of Cyclic Dipeptides: Platforms for Functional Materials

Author(s): Yu Chen, Kai Tao, Wei Ji, Pandeeswar Makam, Sigal Rencus-Lazar and Ehud Gazit*

Volume 27 , Issue 8 , 2020

Page: [688 - 697] Pages: 10

DOI: 10.2174/0929866527666200212123542

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Supramolecular self-assembled functional materials comprised of cyclic dipeptide building blocks have excellent prospects for biotechnology applications due to their exceptional structural rigidity, morphological flexibility, ease of preparation and modification. Although the pharmacological uses of many natural cyclic dipeptides have been studied in detail, relatively little is reported on the engineering of these supramolecular architectures for the fabrication of functional materials. In this review, we discuss the progress in the design, synthesis, and characterization of cyclic dipeptide supramolecular nanomaterials over the past few decades, highlighting applications in biotechnology and optoelectronics engineering.

Keywords: Self-assembly, biomaterial, cyclic dipeptide, bionanotechnology, optoelectronic, photoluminescence.

Graphical Abstract
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