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Studies on the Temperature Stability of Pure and Doped Triglycine Sulphate Crystals Using TGA/DTA

Author(s): Vijeesh Padmanabhan*, Maneesha P. Madhu and Supriya M. Hariharan

Volume 10 , Issue 3 , 2020

Page: [206 - 212] Pages: 7

DOI: 10.2174/1877946810666200212094533

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Aim: To study the temperature stability of TGS doped with ZnSO4, CdCl2, BaCl2, and compare it with that of pure TGS.

Objectives: Synthesizing pure and doped TGS and studying their temperature dependence using TGA, DTA, and DSC analysis.

Methods: Slow cooling solution growth was used to grow single crystals of pure and doped TGS. The TGA, DTA and DSC analysis was conducted for determining the temperature stability.

Results: The thermal analysis of pure and doped TGS shows that the doped samples show a similar dependence on temperature as pure TGS. The temperature of decomposition of pure and doped samples (BTGS, ZTGS, CdTGS) was 226.60°C, 228.38°C, 229.13°C, and 239.13°C respectively. The melting onset of these samples was 214.51°C, 216.04°C, 217.69°C and 216.04°C respectively.

Conclusion: The study shows that doping TGS with the above three described materials did not alter their temperature stability considerably. It is a good result as doping TGS, for varying its characteristics like absorbance, reflectance, bandgap energy, etc., which did not alter its temperature stability. Therefore, TGS doped with the above three dopants can be used at the same temperature ranges as of pure TGS but with much-improved efficiency.

Keywords: Differential thermal analysis, doping, slow cooling solution growth, temperature stability, thermogravimetric analysis, triglycine sulphate.

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