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Calcium/Copper Alginate Framework Doped with CuO Nanoparticles as a Novel Adsorbent for Micro-extraction of Benzodiazepines from Human Serum

Author(s): Nadereh Rahbar*, Fatemeh Ahmadi, Zahra Ramezani and Masoumeh Nourani

Volume 17, Issue 5, 2021

Published on: 10 February, 2020

Page: [668 - 678] Pages: 11

DOI: 10.2174/1573412916666200210150914

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Background: Sample preparation is one of the most challenging phases in pharmaceutical analysis, especially in biological matrices, affecting the whole analytical methodology.

Objective: In this study, a new Ca(II)/Cu(II)/alginate/CuO Nanoparticles Hydrogel Fiber (CCACHF) was synthesized through a simple, green procedure and applied for fiber micro solid-phase extraction (FMSPE) of diazepam (DIZ) and oxazepam (OXZ) as model drugs prior to high-performance liquid chromatography-UV detection (HPLC-UV).

Methods: Composition and morphology of the prepared fiber were characterized and the effect of main parameters on the fiber fabrication and extraction efficiency have been studied and optimized.

Results: In optimal conditions, calibration curves were linear, ranging between 0.1–500 μg L−1 with regression coefficients of 0.9938 and 0.9968. Limit of Detection (LOD) (S/N=3) and Limit of Quantification (LOQ) (S/N=10) of the technique for DIZ and OXZ were 0.03 to 0.1 μg L−1. Within-day and between-day Relative Standard Deviations (RSDs) for DIZ and OXZ were 6.0–12.5% and 3.3–9.4%, respectively.

Conclusion: The fabricated adsorbent has been substantially employed to the extraction of selected benzo-diazepines (BZDs) from human serum real specimens and the obtained recoveries were also satisfactory (82.1-109.7%).

Keywords: Benzodiazepines, sodium alginate, hydrogel, CuO nano-particles, micro solid phase extraction, electrochemical techniques.

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