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Combinatorial Synthesis of Novel 9R-Acyloxyquinine Derivatives as Insecticidal Agents

Author(s): Zhiping Che*, Jinming Yang, Di Sun, Yuee Tian, Shengming Liu, Xiaomin Lin, Jia Jiang and Genqiang Chen

Volume 23 , Issue 2 , 2020

Page: [111 - 118] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/1386207323666200120112714

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Background: It is one of the effective ways for pesticide innovation to develop new insecticides from natural products as lead compounds. Quinine, the main alkaloid in the bark of cinchona tree as well as in plants in the same genus, is recognized as a safe and potent botanical insecticide to many insects. The structural modification of quinine into 9R-acyloxyquinine derivatives is a potential approach for the development of novel insecticides, which showed more toxicity than quinine. However, there are no reports on the insecticidal activity of 9Racyloxyquinine derivatives to control Mythimna separata.

Methods: Endeavor to discover biorational natural products-based insecticides, 20 novel 9Racyloxyquinine derivatives were prepared and assessed for their insecticidal activity against M. separata in vivo by the leaf-dipping method at 1 mg/mL.

Results: Among all the compounds, especially derivatives 5i, 5k and 5t exhibited the best insecticidal activity with final mortality rates of 50.0%, 57.1%, and 53.6%, respectively.

Conclusion: Overall, a free 9-hydroxyl group is not a prerequisite for insecticidal activity and C9- substitution is well tolerated; modification of out-ring double-bond is acceptable, and hydrogenation of double-bond enhances insecticidal activity; Quinine ring is essential and open of it is not acceptable. These preliminary results will pave the way for further modification of quinine in the development of potential new insecticides.

Keywords: Quinine, combinatorial synthesis, acyloxy, structural modification, insecticidal activity, natural products.

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